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Economic Snapshot

Some quick facts about why so many people are choosing to live, work and build in Surrey City Centre.

  • As of 2011, 69% of the population ranges between 18 and 64.
  • Surrey has the 3rd highest proportion of child population in Metro Vancouver.

New Developments

As the second largest municipality in British Columbia, Surrey is a rapidly growing community with a number of new developments emerging within the City Centre.

Economic Plans

The City of Surrey’s economic development vision is to support a high quality of life for its residents, workforce and visitors through sustainable development that carefully integrates economic, environmental and social/cultural interests.

Community Outlook

The City of Surrey’s land and development is guided by the City’s official community plan. At the heart of this plan is the concept of community, it outlines the best way to generate a community environment while creating an area that promotes growth in both residential and commercial developments.

Sustainable Future

The City of Surrey’s award-winning Sustainability Charter is an overarching policy document that will guide the City’s approach to social, cultural, environmental, and economic sustainability in the future.

Innovation Boulevard

More than 180 health-related organizations are concentrated in one square mile of City Centre in North Surrey. See why Surrey is set to become a world-class centre for health technologies.