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Sustainability Charter

Surrey's Sustainability Charter 2.0 is our ambitious 40-year vision for sustainability in Surrey: to become a thriving, green, inclusive city. The Charter guides all City decisions, and outlines what we want for our community as a whole.

City of Surrey Sustainability Charter

Transportation Strategic Plan

The Transportation Strategic Plan is the City’s long range planning document that sets out the vision, objectives, proposals and priorities for transportation in Surrey in the future. It examines how the city can provide a transport system that caters to all mobility needs including the movement of goods and services associated with a successful economy.

City of Surrey Transportation Strategic Plan

Re-Think Waste Program

Re-Think Waste Program Since October 2012, Surrey's new Rethink Waste Collection Program has been helping the City reach the 70% regional waste diversion target by 2015. In the first three months of collection, Surrey's residential garbage tonnage dropped by 43% with a corresponding increase in organic waste diversion.

City of Surrey Rethink Waste Program