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Official Community Plan

The City of Surrey’s land and development is guided by the principles outlined on the City’s Surrey Plans & Strategies page. At the heart of this plan is the concept of community, it outlines the best way to generate a community environment while creating an area that promotes growth in both residential and commercial developments. This includes city services such as transportation, water management, hydro, environmental protection and enhanced social well being.

Parks & Recreation Strategic Planning

Green spaces are an integral part to any city and thus the City of Surrey has taken a leading role in the delivery of parks and recreation and cultural services for its residences. This plan is an integral tool ensuring that the needs of our residents are met in not only the near future but also for many years to come. Part of the success of this plan has been to think strategically to meet the demographic of Surrey in its ever changing form.

Public Safety Initiatives

Our Public Safety Strategy will make Surrey a safer city by addressing issues related to crime, personal safety, emergencies, disasters, road safety, and persistent social challenges like homelessness, mental health and addictions.